GM LS Motor, "How To Supercharge & Turbocharge LS Engines" Håndbog

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GM LS Motor, "How To Supercharge & Turbocharge LS Engines" Håndbog, er en super god håndbog til dem, som ønsker at montere kompressor eller turbo på deres GM LS motor.

Håndbogen indeholder masser at tips og tricks, samt en masse god viden om GM LS motoren. 

Indeholder alle tilspændingsmomenter, tolerancer , samt en bred viden om GM LS motorer. 144 sider med gode billeder og beskrivelser.

Bogen dækker GM LS motorer.

Boost the performance of your GM LS-Series engine by learning about supercharger and turbocharger systems, how to select the right parts, installation, tuning, and much more.

This revised edition of How to Supercharge & Turbocharge GM LS-Series Engines is the only book on the market dedicated specifically to forced induction for LS-Series engines, and it will help you gain a solid understanding of how supercharger and turbocharger systems work so you can select the best system for your budget, engine, and application.

The attributes of Roots-type and centrifugal-type superchargers as well as turbochargers are extensively discussed to establish a solid base of knowledge. Benefits and drawbacks of each system are explained as well as the impact of systems on the vehicle.

Also covered in detail are the installation challenges, necessary tools, and the time required to do the job. Once the system has been installed, the book covers tuning, maintenance, and how to avoid detonation so the engine stays healthy. Cathedral, square, and D-shaped port design heads are explained in terms of performance, as well as strength and reliability of the rotating assembly, block, and other components.

Finally, author Barry Kluczyk explains how to adjust the electronic management system to accommodate a supercharger or turbocharger. This book provides exceptional guidance on the wide range of systems and kits available for arguably the most popular modern V-8 on the market today.

If you want to dramatically increase the power of your GM LS-Series engine using forced induction, look no further than the pages of this detailed volume.

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