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Fitech Mean Street EFI er et perfekt system til dem med tunet gadebil eller racebil, som yder helt op til 800hk. Indbygget NOS styring som regulere via AFR og 8 stk 62lbs dyser! Perfekt til motorer med skart knast og stor volume. Komplet system. Systemet kræver minimum 58psi fuel tryk (fuel pumpe følger IKKE med) Man kan bruge Fitech Sump Tank # 40003 eller anden pumpe som giver min. 58psi.

FiTech EFI is proud to announce its street line up self-tuning EFI systems. The lineup brings the new MeanStreet 800HP 8 injector kit to the forefront for just $1095. Never has so much power been placed in one compact package. Meanstreet offers an onboard ECU and fuel pressure regulator to bring the user simple, clean wiring and an easy install. The FiTech wideband 02 and Annular Swirl Wet Flow technology to get the most complete atomization available, bringing the user more power than ever. Using FiTech’s proprietary self-tuning techology, you can get your car on the road or track faster than ever, using just your gas pedal and the included handheld controller to make it all happen. MeanStreet EFI fits any 4 barrel intake manifold, and is the most self contained, cost effective unit on the market.

It fits any 4-bbl intake manifold and is the most self-contained and full-featured unit of this type. The ECU (computer) is mounted on the throttle body, which greatly simplifies installation. No hole in your firewall and no unsightly harness draped across your engine. It also has a built-in fuel pressure regulator. A hand-held controller features a touch screen for quick and easy initial set-up.

Note that this EFI system can also be used with an engine compartment mounted Fuel Command Center, which provides a returnless system. See Command Center details in the description below.

A List of features of the Meanstreet EFI – 800 HP System:

  • Blacked out diecast throttle body.
  • Annular discharge.
  • Windshield Mount for control.
  • 8 high flow 800hp injectors.
  • Built in fuel pressure regulator.
  • Internal MAP sensor.
  • Throttle position sensor.
  • Idle air control sensor.
  • Coolant temp sensor.
  • Wideband 02 sensor.
  • O2 bung kit.
  • -06AN fuel inlet fittings.
  • 1 Fan Control, and AC Input / Multi-use (can be used as only 1 of the following AC Input (kicks up idle), Nitrous Input (adjusts target AFR only), 2-Step Input (disables AFR Correction)).
  • All Go-EFI’s feature Voltage Control fuel pump control. This feature reduces the voltage to the pump under low load conditions such as idle and cruise thus reducing noise and heat. This will extend the life of your pump and keep the fuel in the tank cooler and your ears from ringing!
  • Go-EFI Systems feature Wet flow technology and have a unique Swirl Spray Annular discharge design that assures COMPLETE ATOMIZATION!! Check out our videos, you need to see it.
  • Air Fuel ratios can be optimized on the fly as you drive! Try that with your Carb.
  • Built in Fuel pressure regulator. No extra regulator to mount on your fire wall.

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