GM TH400 Gearkasse Reparationshåndbog

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GM TH400 Gearkasse Reparationshåndbog, er en håndbog, som detaljeret viser hvordan man adskiller og samler en GM TH400 gearkasse.

Bogen indeholder alle momenter, tolerancer, samt hvor og hvordan man skal måle disse. Et "must have" for alle gør det selv folk.

144 sider med masser et gode billeder, tips og tricks.

Over the last 50 years, literally millions of GM cars and trucks have been built with Turbo 400 automatic transmissions. While these transmissions are respected for their durability and versatility, there always comes a point where the old transmission shows signs of wear. At some point, even the best transmissions need to be rebuilt.

Respected automotive technical author Cliff Ruggles takes readers through the complex rebuild procedure of GMs most popular rear-wheel drive automatic transmission in this great new book. Enthusiasts have embraced the reliable GM Turbo Hydra-Matic 400 three-speed automatics for years, and the popularity of these transmissions is not slowing down. With his proven style, Ruggles walks through the step-by-step rebuild and performance upgrade procedures in a series of full-color photos for each of these models. Time saving tips are part of every buildup.

This is a welcome addition to your automotive library. Amateurs and professionals alike will appreciate the advice and guidance offered on every page. Even if you end up deciding to have a professional take care of your transmission repair and performance needs, this information is crucial to understanding how the power gets from the engine to the road.

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